2018 Archibald Prize

Don’t miss out on your chance to view the amazing Art Gallery of New South Wales 2018 Archibald Prize at Geelong Gallery before Nov 18th. Jules Francois Archibald was born in Geelong in 1856. He “was the founding editor of The Bulletin magazine and made a significant contribution to the development of a distinctly Australian style of literature and graphic newspaper art. His 1919 bequest (on his passing) funded the creation of a major portrait painting competition, aiming to foster portraiture, support artists and perpetuate the memory of great Australians.”


“Each year, in accordance with the bequest, resident Australian artists are invited to submit portraits from life of men or women, preferentially ‘distinguished in Art, Letters, Science or Politics.’”

The winner receives $100,000 courtesy of ANZ, this is judged by the Trustees of the Gallery. There are also prizes for the People’s Choice and the Packing Room Prize awarded by the Art Gallery of New South Wales Gallery staff. How fitting this year that the Winner of the People’s Choice is a painting of Geelong’s own ‘Guy’ by Anne Middleton.

“Taking a variety of forms, a portrait can be simply a visual record of posterity, a personal tribute, a remembrance or token of friendship, a celebration of a person’s status or an indicator of fashion. The finest portraits involve an examination of the subject’s character as well as external appearance, and at the same time, address questions of painterly aesthetics.”

The 2018 Archibald Prize is an Art Gallery of New South Wales touring exhibition and is supported by Presenting partner ANZ.

Information: Art Gallery of New South Wales

Photograph: ‘Guy’ by Anne Middleton. Winner of the People’s Choice 2018.