Books for a School, Sister Act

Sister Act, a class act! Pardon the pun but gardeners ‘Sister Act’ have been responsible for introducing students to exciting literature thanks to their donation of hundreds of books to Northern Bay’s Wexford Campus. One thankful student stated, “I had never read a whole book until now and you gave me a book and now, I love the BFG”. Jenn and Paulie Hardy became aware of the need for books through their client, teacher Jenny Lane.

Wexford 2

We hear from Jenny, “There was a need for lots of current literature that would engage students of this generation. Our school is very multi-cultural; we have students who are Koorie, Keren, Afghani and Pakistani. Many children do not have access to books to read at home. However, because of Jenn, Paulie and Louise Stanley’s generous donation, we were able to buy multiple copies of novels to set up book clubs as a part of our reading program.  It has also allowed us to gift books to the children to help foster a love of reading.”

“One Afghani girl who was given a book thanked us in tears by saying ‘This is the first new book I’ve ever owned’. Another child talked about how she loved reading her new books to her little brother at home.

“Now there’s unbelievable reading going on!  It is heart-warming to see students enjoying, discussing, and requesting books such as Tashi, Billy B Brown, A Wrinkle in Time, Percy Jackson, Rowan of Rin and A Ranger’s Apprentice to read. They also eagerly welcome the next book in the series.

Wexford 1

“Besides the amazing donation, books have also come from a range of sources. The Gould League, Rotary (allowed me to choose books early from their Book Sale) and second hand books which are also being donated by family friends.

“Jenn and Paulie would like to acknowledge their parents Roma and Bob and their legacy of paying it forward.”

Story: Jacqui Bennett, Photos: Phil Hines