‘Blue in the Red House’, Sarah Madden

“Writing has been a much bigger thing for me since I’ve been in Australia. I didn’t think I was a writer before, and now I have a book coming out! My achievements are writing and mothering based. I was a 2014 Write-ability Fellow through Writers Victoria, and have had a few short things published. I have two amazing kids, my biggest achievements, even though most of what makes them great is down to them alone.”

Sarah Blue-In-The-Red-House_front-cover-hi-res (002)

Sarah Madden lives in Geelong, but has been no stranger to living in diverse communities. “Before I happily ended up in Geelong, I was born in a wee place called Whangarei in the North Island of New Zealand. I can’t say I just grew up there, because I think I’ve grown up in different ways in every place I’ve lived – New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, Australia.

“I have loved my time here in Geelong so far. Geelong reminds me of the little seaside place I grew up in, although it isn’t so little!  What there is here, is that small town feel. There is a feeling that everyone has each other’s’ backs, and I love that. It is diverse, welcoming, and full of culture; what more could you want? There are so many people doing good here, and it makes my heart fizz.

“My most recent (and favourite) job was as an Education Support for students at Northern Bay College. I love hanging out with the kids!  I have loved every minute of being a part of such an inclusive community, from the teachers to the students. Before that, I had experience as a magician’s assistant – that was cool!”

Sarah Madden

Sarah’s book, titled ‘Blue in the Red House’, is a magic-realist memoir that recreates Sarah’s own lived experience of being diagnosed with autism at the age of 34. It is a journey through the inner workings of the mind that exposes more truth than strict facts can manage.

To order a copy of Blue in the Red House, click on the link below http://www.obiterpublishing.com.au/product/blue-in-the-red-house/#tab-description

Story and photos supplied by: Brandon Dellow