Kettlefish Cafe keeping Ocean Grove beach clean.

“After wanting her business to be part of a bigger, positive movement to her community, P1 Training owner Bridgette Lal came up with an idea… a tangible and immediate reward for caring for our environment, whilst helping bring the community together.  “It is an enviro-conscious effort to keep Ocean Grove beautiful. Anyone can go and grab 1 of 4 small buckets at Kettlefish Cafe for their walk along the beach, when they bring back a bucket full of rubbish, they get a coffee for their efforts.  It’s great karma and even better coffee!” laughs Lal.


Lal came up with the idea after she saw a thread on Facebook about businesses becoming more enviro-conscious, and a couple of ideas really resonated with her. “I had to action it!” she exclaimed!

Bridgete’s favourite thing about the initiative is that it has not only helped her align with like-minded businesses, but it also brings families, friends and visitors together to care more about their beautiful beach. Her one piece of advice to fellow small business owners who are wanting to use their business to make a positive difference? “Even if your idea improves 1 person’s day/life/wellbeing, it is worth it.  Start!”

So next time you’re at Ocean Grove beach, grab yourself a P1 bucket from Kettle Fish Cafe, fill it up and enjoy your post beach-walk coffee, whilst looking at one of the surf coast’s best views!”

Story: Kim Cooper, you can follow Kim’s Instagram blog @thishotmess Photo: Phil Hines