Spring Creek, Torquay

“Act Local, think Global. The Spring Creek protest last week in Torquay saw independent and newcomer for South Barwon, Damien Cole and local Environmental Guru, Graeme Stockholm organise a protest to fight the proposed development of the Spring Creek area. With just over a hundred-people dressed in red, these local legends bled their hearts and souls into fighting not just a flawed plan to pollute the endemic area, but also of their identity as a community.”

Spring Creek

Story and photo: Mollie Vaughan. You can find more local, environmental stories on Mollie’s website : https://molliev1998.wixsite.com/mysite Or follow Mollie on Instagram @mollie.vaughan

If you care about the environment and climate change you can join us Friday 30th November on the steps of Parliament House in Melbourne at midday. We are catching the 10.04 train from South Geelong.

Or sign this petition https://tinyurl.com/ydc7mmuh started by Professor Peter Graham’s daughter Ella-Mei, 11, to voice  concerns about climate change targets in policy making.