Tallis St, Jessica

Tallis St P-8 Campus of Northern Bay College is a proud campus that has seen improved student engagement through a focus on a growth mindset and positive psychology. Healthy food, mindfulness, meditation and physical activity are all a key part of the everyday program delivered at the campus. Campus Principal Jessica Kelly recalls when she began at Tallis Street, seeing such potential in her staff, students and local community.

Tallis St, Jessica

“We decided to get our students outside and active. We used our love for healthy minds and bodies as motivation to get outside.  We started to grow our own Tallis Street vegetables and were energised by the motivation of the students and parents. It was such a success that we wanted to go bigger – and with the generosity of Geelong Grammar we are extending to ‘The Farm’. Growing food, preparing and eating it will be a large part of our school program moving forward.

“We complimented the garden work with getting our students outside,  running. Physical activity, like healthy food, is so important to a healthy mind. After recess and lunch we introduced ‘Present, Centered, Ground’ that helped students transition from their time in the yard to their time in the classroom. The focus was ‘getting ready to learn’ and this is done from Preps through to Year 8 and includes mindful colouring, yoga, meditation – this is student driven.

“The results have been astounding campus wide. Our data has turned around to the point where both our staff and students report a strong sense of satisfaction and safety about being at Tallis St.

“The Northern Bay Challenge which represents five years’ of work is a Project that encourages people to reach out and support our work on a larger scale. Our aim is to ensure all Northern Bay P-12 College students have a successful pathway into employment and/or further education. People who are interested in supporting the NBC Challenge can visit the website or facebook page.

Story: Jacqui Bennett. Photo: supplied Jess and Hussaini girls.