Shaz Martin by Mischa

Shaz Martin was raised in a community where they didn’t have much. Though her and her family were less fortunate, her mother still found a way to provide and give a little extra to other families. Shaz has always loved people and less fortunate kids, mostly because she can relate to them but also God has given her this gift of selflessness and uncontrollable love.

Writing comp - Shaz Martin

Shaz believes that sacrificing herself for others is not an act of selflessness but, a gift God has given her. From a very young age her mother has presented many principles of love, that is what inspires her to love others the way God does and see those the way God sees them.

Shaz volunteers at my school Bellarine Secondary College, in the school counselling department. At my school there are many less fortunate people and people who have disabilities, that is where Shaz comes in, she helps these kids to get through school and life without too much hassle and teaches them skills that they can use when they become more independent.

Shaz loves all people. She has impacted so many people’s lives just with a coffee and a chat. The people she encourages are the homeless people who many would ignore but, not Shaz she makes them feel loved and visible. The sacrifices she makes only makes her more strong and able to do more for others.

Shaz still leaves time for herself and her kids. There is never a day that goes by where Shaz has not helped someone in anyway. She is an extrovert with a cause, a cause of love. She doesn’t except anything in return.

In the months I have known Shaz she has inspired me to help those who are less fortunate. Shaz has changed my perspective of those who don’t have as many advantages as me. She has taught me how to love and receive love. She is truly a wonderful mother, role model for young adults, a teacher and an extrovert with a cause. Thanking her would never be as near as much as the love she spreads throughout my life and others.

Story by Mischa Anderson, Year 7, Bellarine Secondary College. This story won the Secondary School Section of the ‘Discover your Inner Journalist’ Humans in Geelong writing competition 2018.