Spiritual Counsellor & Hahnemann Healer, Olivia White

When asked; “Who are you?”, Olivia White smiles.  This is a question that she usually asks her clients.  As a spiritual counsellor and Hahnemann healer, she is not usually in a position where her own story is the subject of the conversation.  “I am a spiritual entity who uses the wisdom from my past lives to face challenges in this life.”

Oivia White HuG (002)

As a child Olivia was gifted with a strong sense of determination and a desire for honesty and authenticity.  Coupled with a strong intuition and interest in understanding the world, she began studying a degree in Commerce which led to a career in Human Resources.  This was followed by the study of Psychology and a dream to become a Psychologist.

For her 30th birthday she took a trip to India.  On this trip she entered a small jewellery store and after buying a pair of earrings was asked by the stallholder if she would like a palm reading.  This was a new concept for Olivia who had grown up in a conservative family.

The stallholder read her palm and she buzzed with the validity and truth of the words he spoke.  He repeated many things she had spoken, thought and experienced in her life; things he could not have known from just meeting her.  Her mind was opened, and she asked, ‘How are you doing this?”.  A question that did not have a simple answer and one which started her on her own journey to understand and develop a deep spiritual knowing.

After that experience life was different, but she still progressed through her Honours in Psychology until she made the realisation that it no longer felt right and that she was heading in the wrong direction.  Since then, Olivia has become a qualified Spiritual Counsellor, Hahnemann Healer and Hahnemann Healer Trainer and is studying to becoming a Medium. Hahnemann healing is a modality of emotional energy healing that focuses on gently releasing negative emotion to assist people to move forward in life.

She is deeply happy when she sees or feels that people are doing what is right for them.  Even if they are challenged or questioned by others or society.  This is especially so if they are genuinely following a path that brings them joy and happiness, not just rebelling for the sake of it.

“We must stop suppressing our feeling, suppressing who we are, suppressing our truth.  We need to walk towards our bigger purpose and remember that we are all capable of excellence.”

This message shines a light on Olivia’s true nature, that of the Seeker.  The one who seeks and who encourages others to find their truth.  This is just one of the gifts she gives to each of her clients and to many that cross her path.

Olivia currently practices spiritual counselling and Hahnemann healing through Insight Spiritual Counselling https://www.insightspiritualcounselling.com.au/   She also works with teams to increase honesty, equality and fulfilment in organisations through http://www.organsationalharmony.com.au

Story: Victoria Downey. Photo: Supplied