Red Frogs, Graham

“The next generation needs help and guidance. By me doing this, I can support the people who are helping keep the kids safe at Schoolies.”  Meet Graham Trevaskis. For the past 2 years, Graham has been donating half a day a week to clean the windows of the Bellarine Lakes Country Club, asking simply for a small donation to his favourite charity, The Red Frogs.

Red Frogs Graham

After hearing Red Frogs founder, Andy Gourley speak at his local church about how The Red Frogs crew head to schoolies each year acting as a mate to school leavers providing support services, direct relief like an emergency helpline and safely walking them back to their hotels, Graham knew he wanted to get involved, but how? He believes that “the world wouldn’t survive without volunteers. There are so many opportunities for people to do good. It’s amazing what people can do, even just small things in life to make life better for other people”. And although he could not physically attend Schoolies as a volunteer, Graham didn’t let that stop him. He decided to become a Red Frogs fundraiser instead!

Through his window cleaning initiative, Graham has raised over $3,200 for the Red Frogs Crew. But he didn’t stop there! Whilst on holidays on the Sunshine Coast, Graham organised a fundraising breakfast with local businesses donating food to the cause. For the 8 weeks he was at his holiday’s caravan park, Graham ran a Red Frogs Fundraising breakfast for the community, again only asking for a small donation for his efforts. His efforts over 8 weeks raised another $3700!

And what does Graham say when you ask him to reflect on his amazing efforts as a fundraiser? Of course, it was nothing but humble. “I just feel so pleased that I can help other people and also help maintain people’s properties, it’s good all round for everybody!”

Story: Kim Cooper, you can follow Kim’s blog on Instagram @thishotmess Photo: supplied