Study Geelong.

Did you know there are close to 4,000 International Students from around 90 different nationalities, studying in Geelong? Think about how great this is for our economy. On top of the tuition fees paid, international students spend over $56 million dollars a year in the Geelong region. It is also a wonderful opportunity for us to learn about their culture and for them to learn about Australia. Please make our visiting students feel welcome.

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They attend twelve higher education and secondary schools in Geelong. The students come to Geelong where they enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle compared to capital cities and feel welcomed by the local community. At a recent event held at the Royal Geelong Yacht Club, an educator fondly remarked on seeing students who had returned home after study now returning with their families to make Geelong their home.

Study Geelong is the overarching organisation that works with the education institutions to support the students and market Geelong as a study destination. They have a team of International Student Ambassadors who help strengthen relationships between international students and the broader Geelong community and promote Geelong as a friendly place to learn, live and explore, through storytelling on social media.

Story: Jacqui Bennett Photos: Supplied