Fight for the Bight.

“An Army of Thousands. On March the 3rd, 2019 it was estimated that over two thousand people gathered at Torquay Beach from all parts of the Great Ocean Road and beyond. These included surfers, leaders, eco warriors, artists, photographers, mothers, fathers, children, brothers, sisters, friends and cousins. Not one turns their back on their homeland. Why? Fight for the Bight!” implores Photographer and Humans in Geelong team member, Mollie Vaughan. We find out more from Fight for the Bight.

Fight for the Bight 2

“Norwegian company Equinor is planning to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight. We want Equinor to back off. The Bight is no place for risky deep-water drilling. You probably remember images of BP’s Deep water Horizon explosion in the US. It was an environmental disaster, spewing millions of litres of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.”

“If we don’t stop Equinor, this could happen in the Great Australian Bight. In November, the ABC revealed a leaked internal report, prepared by Equinor, that showed an oil spill in the Bight could reach as far as Sydney’s beaches, and completely encircle Tasmania.” Follow Fight for the Bight and Damien Cole to find out about their next action scheduled for March 24th at St Kilda Beach, Melbourne.

For environmental activists, you can join the #schoolstrike4climate which will be held on Friday, all ages welcome, more information in our last story. Also, a coastal clean up is being held tomorrow, Monday 11th March, from 11 – 3pm at Torquay, Jan Juc and Bells Beach culminating in a BBQ and Beers at Birdrock with music by Jack the Fox. Register through Eventbrite with donations going to Ocean Mind. There will be prizes from Be Alternative, Patagonia and Ocean Grind.

Photos: Mollie Vaughan. You can view more of Mollie’s stunning environmental photography at

Fight for the Bight 1