Your Choice Our Future, Kareem.

“I’m stoked to be appointed as the Australian representative for the UN, and I plan to speak to over 15,000 young people around the country to gauge their concerns.  But I am also excited about being on the Your Choice Our Future Geelong panel discussion with such an impressive group of young change-makers.  I think Geelong is an important regional centre and what our youth think here is relevant to the rest of the country.  I think that the discussions we have will have a ripple effect and hopefully impact on other youth in the area.” Kareem El-Ansary tells us.

Kareem El Ansary (002)

This should be a fantastic event that will stimulate discussion and public discourse around issues of identity, social isolation, racism and fear as well as social inclusion, youth empowerment and leadership.

The Panel Discussion is the final aspect of the Your Choice Our Future youth project, run by FAIR. It’s a public forum, styled on ABC’s Q and A program, hosted by Hamish Macdonald (from The Project), which will be held at the Geelong Regional Library 11am on Thursday 21 March 2019 which is Harmony Day.

The impressive panel of youth change-makers includes;

Kareem Al-Ansary – Director, Asia Pacific Youth Organisation and 2019 Youth Representative to the UN;

Jemma Ryan – Journalist for the Geelong Advertiser and nominated for Women in Media Young Journalist Award;

Yong Deng – A South Sudanese youth leader who received the 2018 Victorian Young Achiever Award;

Sarah Mansour -Commercial Law graduate, Spoken word artist who is also a outspoken activist for the #metoo movement.


FAIR, a not for profit NGO based in Melbourne and the Your Choice Our Future project commenced last year. It comprises of three components. Firstly, we conducted some animation workshops in Geelong, this was well attended by youth from different backgrounds and held at the Geelong Council Youth Drop in centre.  The participants helped create a choose ‘your own ending’ animation.

The second aspect of the program included and is currently still in progress, an inter-school program between Minaret, Mt Scopus, St Ignatius and Sacred Heart Girls Colleges.  The program is done through video conferencing and aims for the students to create their own social media campaigns which address racism, bullying or gender equality amongst other themes.

To find out more about the Panel Discussion or to register, email or call Kuranda Seyit, Executive Director of FAIR on 0412 318045.

Information and photo supplied by FAIR.