Caroline Danaher, 76, was arrested on Friday for staging a sit-in at Sarah Henderson MP’s Office. Caroline tells us “I was inspired by Greta Thunberg, student, from Sweden. I am concerned for the planet.

Caroline 1


“Since January 4th, I’ve been sitting outside Sarah’s office each Friday. Each week I’ve taken a handwritten letter asking for a chance to express my concerns about the climate to Sarah, as one of her constituents. Sarah made an impromptu meeting and spoke to in passing but I’d like a scheduled meeting as I feel I haven’t been listened to.

“On Friday we sat inside the foyer and were asked to leave before midday as the office was closing. The police were called. It was all very civil and peaceful. Two of us still didn’t leave so we were charged with trespassing and gave statements. Once outside we were told we could leave.

“I do not like Sarah Henderson being berated. This is not helpful. I hope we can focus on the concern for our planet and future generations. We have a very serious crisis with extinction of insects and animals happening as l speak.”

You can read more about Caroline in our story posted Jan 19th

Photo: Geelong Advertiser