Homage to Colour, Shamana Seery.

Geelong artist Shamana Seery radiates a positive force, as do her paintings, which she will display at the Humans in Geelong Expo on tomorrow, Sunday October 6, 10-3pm at Deakin Waterfront. She will be one of 50 exhibitors: artists, authors, creatives, sustainability groups, action groups and community groups. Come and celebrate all things great Geelong!

Seery Shamana Art

Shamana has been painting for 17 years and has trained as an art therapist, intentional creativity coach for women and a primary teacher. Despite her years of creative experience academically and practically, Shamana is studying Visual Arts at Gordon TAFE this year, motivated to add jewellery making, print making and sculpture to her skill set.

The course has challenged Shamana to tackle new themes and her paintings have become more abstract. But the dominant aspects of colour and pattern remains a constant theme throughout everything that she does.

“I like to think of my art works as a homage to colour. It’s always my aim to bring vibrancy, positivity and happiness into the lives of others through my art.”

Exploring art through new eyes as a student has been positive for Shamana as well. Struggling with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since 2012, she says that attending classes at The Gordon has helped her gain her life back and strengthen her resolve to produce good art.

She says: “The importance of artistic pursuits and engaging in creativity cannot be understated. We all need to connect to that part of us in order to feel a sense of balance, relaxation and expressiveness.

“Art offers the maker many opportunities for personal growth, healing and enjoyment. They are just some of the reasons that I do what I do.”

Return to study began for Shamana last year, completing a floristry course requiring attendance three days a week. While the course challenged her energy levels, Shamana’s determination and commitment to growing as an artist in new areas encouraged her to go on to complete a certificate IV in visual arts.

Her plan is to now combine her new knowledge and qualifications with the skills and experiences that she has built on to bring the joy of making art into the lives of others.

Shamana says: “Creativity is a vital and healing force that brings happiness and calm to those who engage in it.”

With a new studio being built in 2020, she aims is to run art and painting classes with her husband, artist David Seery, at their home studio in Belmont.

“We look forward to offering painting and drawing classes that are fun, inspirational and intimate.

“We are especially excited about providing a space where budding and more experienced artists can explore and create along side of us as they get acquainted with their own inner artist.”

Story and photo: Debra Howcroft