Photos, Humans in Geelong Expo 2019.

Jake Langenegger volunteered as photographer at the Humans in Geelong Expo on Sunday. There’s a lovely story behind it. He’d been a student at Fyans Park Primary School where our chief volunteer photographer Phil Hines use to be Principal.
One day while Phil was inside the fence, taking photos of the Geelong Cats game at Kardinia Park. Jake leaned towards the fence and called out. ‘G’day Mr Hines. That’s where I want to be one day.’
When our star photographer wasn’t available to take shots at the Expo, he thought of Jake. We love giving opportunities to up and coming stars! Thanks for the stunning photos Jake, we are happy to give you a reference anytime and hopefully be a pathway to work.
Thanks to all our volunteer photographers at the Expo. We couldn’t have done it without you. Here are the links to their beautiful photos. Please share and credit the photographer.

Photos by volunteer photographer Jake Langenegger

Photos by our talented team member Vic Downey.

Photos by volunteer photographer Jade Craven of Geelong Street Photography who has volunteered at all three Expos.…/1559008…/sets/72157711223951212

Thanks for generously sharing your photos Michael Chambers of the Surf Coast Times.

Expo Widya

Photo of Widya Luvtari Indonesian Dancer taken by Jake Langenegger.