Grumpy, Walter Wasylewski.


Hi! I’m Audrey and today I’ll be talking about Walter Wasylewski. He is my grandpa and I call him Grumpy!

I love him SO much!!

Writing Comp 19 Grumpy


He is shockingly funny, jolly, and silly. He can be grumpy, and when he is grumpy, he is boiling mad! After all, his name is Grumpy, right?


He is forever in the garden and gives us food from his garden. He LOVES to build, helping us with painting and tiling our house. Once, he even helped fix up my kinder! Sometimes he tells me about life when he was a kid! (Not very good)!


Grumpy was born in Germany, but the rest of his family was from Ukraine. Then, he came to Australia on a boat when he was a kid. So, he’s multicultural!


Funny Fact! My little brother, Will, calls Grumpy, Grumpy Guts! Royal Fact! Grumpy was the Station Master at Geelong Station and he met the Queen when she visited Geelong in 1988!!!

Written in 2019 by Audrey Wasylewski who was in Year One, Tate Street Primary. Congratulations to Audrey for winning the Junior section of the 2019 Humans in Geelong Student Writing Competition.