King August, Rob.

Rob from the band ‘King August’ was wearing his Murlocs t-shirt when I met him down at the waterfront. He is thankful that there is so much talent in the Geelong region because he believes it’s “friendly competition” that allows bands in this region to grow and improve. Will, from ‘The Run’, adds “pressure makes diamonds”.

“Buying other people’s merchandise is a great way of supporting them. Getting out to live music is another,” continues Rob.

King August

“When my previous band ‘Chicken Nugget Rocketship’ broke up, Sam and I found Chris and Tom through my cousin’s band ‘Channel Marker 6’. We became ‘King August’ and are on the way to releasing our first single.”

Rob and the team at ‘Spaceman’ organised ‘Band Together, Geelong Fires Up’ where 13 Bands or musicians performed on The Pier on January 26th, for Bushfire Relief. They raised over $3,000. His band, ‘King August’ played and their heavy, rocky style inspired me, so I wanted to find out more. Interestingly, Rob’s venture ‘Spaceman’ is uniquely, creating new opportunities for local acts to shine.

“I can see there is so much talent here in our region but not so many opportunities so that is why we’re trying to do something new.

“Geelong is such a creative place. You’ve got the theatre companies like ‘Centre Stage’ and ‘Footlight’ doing great things. I want to provide for a new wave of live music, where opportunities aren’t looked at as gigs but an experience or even a party. That’s our goal at ‘Spaceman’.

“Last year ‘Spaceman’ ran their first event ‘Space Fest’ at the Geelong West Town Hall. We were thrilled over 250 people supported it. There’s so much talent here, we want to give them a go.

“I went to St Ignatius and saw that schools were interconnected which is great. A focus on the arts and making them accessible is really important.”

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If you like heavy, rocky music, watch out for King August. @kingaugustband “It’s only a matter of time before we’re royalty but for now, we’re just a bunch of boys from down under.”

Story: Jacqui Bennett. Photo: supplied