Asylum Seeker, Eshan.

Eshan (his name has been changed to protect his identity) is an enthusiastic, hardworking, young man seeking asylum in the Geelong region. Did you know that asylum seekers who lose their jobs due to Covid-19, aren’t eligible for any government income support? How are they meant to eat, cover basic living expenses let alone find the funds to pay legal fees for their visa or appeal processes? CRAG, the Combined Refugee Action Group for this region are helping many people like Eshan with their legal costs. If you can help with these legal costs, please sign up for their newsletter for more information or donate via their website, email

Unfortunately, Eshan’s initial application for asylum was rejected however, a barrister has found a number of points of merit for an appeal to the Federal Court, which has given Eshan some hope of securing a protection visa and being able to stay in our beautiful country.

CRAG Eshan

Under the current ‘fast track’ process, Eshan doesn’t have access to a thorough case review through a tribunal. The only avenue for appeal is through the court system.

This is an expensive process. Eshan has made some payments towards these fees and was expecting to be able to continue to do so, until he recently lost his job, like so many, due to the impacts of Covid-19.  He has no prospect of resuming his employment in the immediate future and, like other asylum seekers, is not eligible for any government income support.   While Victoria is in lockdown, the wheels of Home Affairs continue to grind and immigration cases continue to be heard through the federal court system.   Decisions continue to be made about people’s lives.

Eshan needs to find a considerable sum of money by the end of the month, and he is not the only asylum seeker who needs this kind of assistance at this time.

Eshan is not the only person who needs assistance.  CRAG is aware of at least two other cases where assistance with legal fees may be required at this time, let alone assistance with food and basic living costs. Any little bit could help.

CRAG to help with legal fees.

If you would like to donate to help to provide food assistance, for local asylum seekers contact the Wesley Asylum Seeker Welcome Place

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