Our Identity creates our Action, Rhys, Mindset Coach.

You are amidst the opportunity of a lifetime… Consider this – The butterfly emerges from a cocoon, completely different to the caterpillar that went into it. Right now, you have an unprecedented opportunity to do the same physically, mentally or emotionally – let me explain…

If there is one saying that you learn, whilst in isolation, it is that ‘Our Identity Creates Our Action’.

Mindset Coach, Rhys

As someone who has helped people change their Mindsets for almost a decade now, there has been one common theme with every case: Whoever you think you are, you are.

If you have ever admitted to yourself ‘I am not a morning person’, you would know that usually in the mornings, you don’t function well. Alternatively, those who are ‘Early Birds’ or ‘Morning People’, just seem to function fine as soon as the alarm goes off, almost jumping out of bed with a spring in their step. Notice how those who identify as having a ‘Sweet Tooth’, end up craving sugar, and people who refer to themselves as a ‘Gym Junkie’ just seem to be consistently motivated?

It all comes back to this one saying – ‘Our Identity Creates Our Action’.

Too many times people focus on ACTION, yet their IDENTITY holds them back, and they end up running out of willpower and succumbing to unresourceful thinking. Here are 3 examples of how this works.

  • Someone will place their focus on ‘changing their diet’ to lose weight, yet still identifies as ‘someone who struggles with their weight’ or ‘I start things but never finish them’.
  • Someone will want to combat Stress/Anxiety and will focus on the action of ‘Being more Laid Back or Positive’, yet still define themselves as a ‘Stressed/Anxious Person’.
  • Someone desires to change their career, situation, or circumstance through the action of studying or sending applications yet falls back to thoughts of ‘Well I am JUST a Mum/Dad/Kid/Butcher/Baker/Candlestick Maker etc’ and gives up.

In all these above examples, the ‘Action’ has changed, but their internal workings still align with an Identity that holds them back, thus they are unable to truly break through and move forward.

Just as a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, we all have the ability to transform, to change and evolve – but it starts with letting go of identifying as ‘The Caterpillar’, and recognizing the wings that you truly do possess! There has not been 1 person I have ever met that does not have talents, unique abilities and the potential to achieve whatever it is that they wanted. It all takes a mix of asking yourself the right questions, and believing in yourself!

If I can leave you with one small thing to begin this process – it is to begin to dream! If you were to wake up tomorrow, as the most ideal version of yourself – who would that person be? What would they do, and how did they get to that point? We all have the answers, we just need to ask ourselves the right questions…

‘Our Identity Creates Our Action’ – Who will you choose to be?

Rhys Vadas. Rhys is Kyle Jdali’s mindset coach.


20-04-2020 © Photo supplied. #humansingeelong