Lockdown Buddies, Kara.

Geelong’s ‘Lockdown buddies’ are looking for those vulnerable in the Geelong region who need help to self-isolate. Lockdown Buddies aims to pair elderly/at risk people in our community with a volunteer to provide contactless support and company during isolation. Whether it be as simple as a regular phone call, dropping around a cup of sugar, or heading to the shops to grab a list of groceries, volunteer Lockdown Buddies will be on hand to help out. Who knows? New lifelong friendships could be formed.

Lockdown Buddies

“Please share: speak to your parents, grandparents and elderly neighbours and find out if they could benefit from a lockdown buddy or know of anyone who would. They can sign up for help on the Lockdown Buddies website https://www.lockdownbuddies.org/“ we hear from Kara, one of the founders.

Lockdown Buddies was created by cousins Kara and Rachel, both local community-minded, caring Mums of young children. “I saw our elderly neighbour go out and come home with only one bag of groceries after 3 hours” Rachel tells. “This was what inspired us to start Lockdown Buddies.

“We’ve been lucky to work alongside Volunteering Geelong to bring this initiative to fruition and we’ve already had so many people register to offer their help. While there is talk of restrictions possibly being eased soon, there are still many vulnerable people in our community who will be advised to stay in lockdown. We want to support them.”

If you are part of a community group that support others and require some extra help, please contact lockdownbuddies@gmail.com

Story: Jacqui Bennett. Photo: Rachel and Kara (on the right) with their much-missed grandparents, Kevin and Mary Bell.