NVW 2020, Suzanne Elkington.

Suzanne Elkington is a familiar face at the Geelong Hospital, where she volunteers by providing personal support and assistance to children and families. We were impressed that a hospital patient nominated Suzanne as a Volunteer Ambassador for National Volunteer Week, and said “Suzanne’s own experiences had shaped how she supported others.

NVW Suzanne Elkington (2)

“Suzanne helps so many patients at the hospital and also in the special care unit. She talks to families who have children born with a cleft palate or lip. Suzanne helps them with feeding and answers any other questions parents may have, as she has been through this twice in her life.

“Suzanne is an exceptional volunteer, who kindly donates her time to people in need.”

Humans in Geelong, genU and Volunteering Geelong are recognising amazing volunteers from the Geelong region each day of National Volunteer Week, May 18-24th. Volunteering can come in many shapes and forms. You can help others through situations that you’ve experienced, like Suzanne. Volunteering leads to many benefits; a sense of purpose, it helps make you happy, increases your confidence, helps others and our environment, it helps our mental and physical health, and can be a pathway to work.

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