NVW 2020, Scott Cooper.

Scott Cooper was nominated for the position of National Volunteer Week Ambassador by two groups, The Golden Plains Shire and genU. The Shire had this to say about him, “Scott is a committed, reliable and enthusiastic volunteer for Golden Plains Shire Council. He goes above and beyond to be of service anywhere he can, he is a great support for our community transport team and always willing to lend a hand anytime he is needed. He always tries hard to do his best and is a great example of a committed volunteer who just wants to help out in any way he can. He is an asset to our team.”

NVW Scott Cooper 2020

genU tells us “Scott started his journey with genU as a student and over the past 12 years he has completed several foundation courses with genU whilst also being involved in many other programs. Now Scott is giving back to other learners by volunteering as a mentor in the Certificate I in Transition Education course.

“Scott supports students by preparing assessment booklets and materials, as well as aiding students with tasks and providing moral support and encouragement.  Scott says “his own experiences with completing the course makes him able to relate to new learners, especially when they’re feeling overwhelmed.”

“This dedicated volunteer loves seeing people achieve their best, and he loves meeting new people while being part of the education process. Scott’s passion for volunteering is helping to positively change lives and make a difference.”

Congratulations Scott!

Humans in Geelong, genU and Volunteering Geelong are recognising amazing volunteers from the Geelong region each day of National Volunteer Week.

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