School Strike for Climate, Sept 20th.

#schoolstrikeforclimate this Friday, 20 Sept. 10am meet outside Geelong City Hall. ALL WELCOME! All ages, all walks of life, please join us as this affects everyone. PLEASE SHARE! We hear more from @ayccgeelong’s Jarrah Wishart and Erica Crawford who spoke at the Corangamite Youth Climate Forum hosted by Libby Coker MP.

Erica: “I live in Ocean Grove and love nature and want to protect it.”

Jarrah: “I moved to Point Lonsdale in early ’18 and have been living by the coast for the last 5 years. You can see the impacts of climate change on the coast.”

ClimateStrike AYCC Jarrah, ... Erica

Erica: “Our first AYCC Australian Youth for Climate Coalition meeting was held on the 10th of April after the second Geelong school strike. We talked about the problems and solutions as to how we can lower our environmental footprint. Eg by having more bike lanes and better public transport.”

Jarrah: “We are a like-minded group of about 20-30 young people with the drive to push to solutions.”

Erica: “We are empowering young people to drive positive change. For example, we’ve held a clothes swap because the fast fashion industry has a very large negative impact on the environment.”

Jarrah: “We’re putting pressure on the only engineering firm that is considering working on Adani. We’ve supported the ‘Fight for the Bight’. We’re linked to SEED Indigenous Youth Climate Network.

When asked by Libby Coker, what the students felt was the biggest climate challenge, here’s how they answered.

Jarrah: “I believe it is human greed that is the biggest problem. Our Australian way of life is unsustainable. Look at how we use water, electricity and resources. We’re going to have to make a fundamental change to how we live.

Erica: “One of my biggest concerns is the single use plastic epidemic.”

Libby Coker stated that she is willing to listen to the AYCC’s suggestions and she will be their voice for change. Also speaking at the forum were Matt Crawley of the @bellarinecatchmentnetwork, @johnfoss from @surfridersaus and Rebecca Patrick from Deakin University’s Health, Nature and Sustainability Research Group. Watch out for their stories soon.

Together we can create change. Please join us at the #schoolstrikeforclimate #fridaysforfuture gathering at 10am outside Geelong City Hall to peacefully request more action for the environment and the climate, from the top.

Story and photo: Jacqui Bennett. Photo: Jarrah Wishart, Mila Amey and Erica Crawford.